By Pritesh Kumar                                                                                                                              

More often than not, we face the problem of a slowed down PC . With time data in the hard disc piles up and the PC becomes super slow. This problem is more pronounced today as we have hard discs with 1000 GB space.

In this post, we will be discussing some of the proven tips to boost PC speed. You may try some or all of these.

1. Delete Unwanted Files and Programs

Over time, the hard disc becomes similar to the storeroom of our houses in which we just throw away all the junk (in hope that we may need them in future). And this is not a good habit as apart from taking valuable space it causes significant slowdown. So, remove all the unwanted files.

Also uninstall any unnecessary programs in your PC.

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How to take screenshots in PC

Screenshots are real time snaps of a display. It is a very handy feature to capture the screen contents. Screenshots can be very useful if you have to tell some expert about an issue in your PC or when you want to save some info as an image for better editing.

As of today, almost all OS (be it Android, ios or Windows) support this feature(Android lacked this in its early iterations but now its built in the OS).

Ability to take screenshots has been an integral part of Windows OS(Through Snipping Tool). The feature has become more functional in Windows 10.

There are several ways to take screenshots in PC. Some are very fast while some are time consuming (albeit more functional).

You can try any of the below mentioned methods to take screenshots.

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The Ultimate YOUTUBE Download Tutorial

With each passing day, the data services are becoming better but still online viewing is inferior to locally stored data. And also you donot have to worry about the bandwidth as you can watch it multiple times contrary to online viewing where data is used each time you access the content.

Downloading Youtube videos on smartphones is practically effortless, thanks to the myriad of good apps available but the same can’t be said about computers. For many people its a very troublesome task. Of the many methods to download videos there are some which really stand out. Read on to find out  more….


Since Chrome is the most widely used browser, lets start with Chrome (This method will work equally well with other browsers too).


Earlier Chrome Web Store had many good extensions with the ability to grab videos but due to changes in the store policies these were later on removed. So Chrome users are left only with websites facilitating the same.

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