Top End-To-End Encrypted Email Services

Services like Gmail & Microsoft Outlook will say that they provide their customers with an encrypted or encoded email service, and these companies undoubtedly do offer them. Their security keeps your information protected while it is journeying through the numerous protocols, which is rather important as this can stop governments and hackers from snooping on your conversations. But they can still be accessed and opened by hackers and government agencies, and apart from governments, many a times companies too snoop on the emails for advertising purposes. Hence, it is extremely important that we secure our emails without wasting any time.

Message encryption using public keys

Mentioned below are some of the best enctypted email services:

  • Proton Mail– Its servers are based in Switzerland, and it is one of the best online encrypted email service providers. This service can be accessed for free.
  • Tor Guard– A top-of-the-line encoding VPN & Email provider.
  • GnuPG– Is the same as OpenPGP, and it can work with almost any email service. Involves complex set-up.
  • Rise Up– A Seattle-based secure email service provider, and their high-end developers are all birds (at least, their pseudonyms are all based on birds).
  • OneShar– This secure messaging service can self-destruct. As a result, they are good for sending passwords and other email addresses.
  • Counter Mail– Counter Mail is also an encrypted email service provider, and they claim they are easy to use.
  • Bit Message– This is a peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging system.
  • NeoMailBox– This encrypted email service provider can be used with Outlook, Netscape – I don’t remember using it the last time – & Eudora. Their servers are also based in Switzerland, and they offer unlimited addresses.
  • Opaque Mail– Open source and available on GitHub.
  • Shazzle Mail– This encrypted email service was primarily designed for cell phones, mainly iOS & Android, but is now available to download on PC and Apple computers.
  • Hush Mail– This can be used as your email service provider. Allowing you to send encrypted emails, without having to install any security software on your PC.
  • Crypto Heaven– This is also a web based encrypted email service provider, meaning you do not need to install any other software, but it is expensive.
  • A/I – The company A/I not only provides encrypted emails, but it also offers services for Blogs.

You can use any of the above services but we recommend Proton Mail because apart from being extremely secure, it also provides 500 MB free data usage.

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This article originally appeared on Anonhq and was written by Anon.Dos .


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