Opera adds inbuilt free VPN

The popular browser Opera today added inbuilt VPN service in its browser. This feature has been rolled out amid growing concerns of user privacy and net surveillance .

The official tweet from Opera regarding the update reads:

VPN means Virtual Private Network . It is basically a layer between the user and the ISP (Internet service provider). It is a technology that creates an encrypted connection over a less secure network. It helps the user to:

  • Hide IP address
  • Unblock blocked content
  • Enhance security of Open networks

Opera is the first major browser to come up with this feature and this might be a game changer for Opera which has been constantly market share to its rivals.

VPN is used by millions of users to browse the web freely but they need to pay for it (~$ 50/year). There are free VPN services but not very usable due to slow speed. With Opera providing this feature inbuilt and for free, the service will find many users.

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As of now this feature is available only on Opera  developer version for Windows, Mac and Linux. To download the browser, Click me.

Meanwhile, you can check this small video about the update from Opera:

To read more about VPN, click VPN(Wikipedia) , What is a VPN .

Tell us about your reactions in the comment box.

Photo Credits: Opera Source: Opera




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