The Ultimate YOUTUBE Download Tutorial

With each passing day, the data services are becoming better but still online viewing is inferior to locally stored data. And also you donot have to worry about the bandwidth as you can watch it multiple times contrary to online viewing where data is used each time you access the content.

Downloading Youtube videos on smartphones is practically effortless, thanks to the myriad of good apps available but the same can’t be said about computers. For many people its a very troublesome task. Of the many methods to download videos there are some which really stand out. Read on to find out  more….


Since Chrome is the most widely used browser, lets start with Chrome (This method will work equally well with other browsers too).


Earlier Chrome Web Store had many good extensions with the ability to grab videos but due to changes in the store policies these were later on removed. So Chrome users are left only with websites facilitating the same.

The easiest way to download Youtube videos is to insert “ss  in the link.

Say if a video is at  Make it https: // . You will be taken to the download page with numerous formats to choose from (The best being 720P HD).

Step 1

Step 2    


Download Page  


Alternatively you can also visit and paste the video URL. Apart from Youtube, this service supports downloads from numerous other websites like, Viemo, facebook etc. (Please note that the ss keyword works only with Youtube though).

If you prefer FHD or QHD, then you can visit and paste the link.

One demerit of these web based services is that they are unable to fetch videos from DRM protected content. For downloading these see the next methods. Apart from this, make sure that you donot click any Advertisement link on these websites as these might be malicious.

There are numerous other websites doing the same thing, so they have been left out.

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Like Chrome, Torch is also based on Chromium WebKit. But unlike Chrome which has minimalistic design and features, Torch comes with numerous inbuilt features like Video Grabber, Torrent downloader, etc.

To download any video, just visit the URL that hosts it. As soon as Torch detects a video, the download button turns blue (see photos).



Now click it to download the video.

Using Torch, even the DRM protected ones can be downloaded.

The only demerit of Torch is that it doesn’t let you choose the quality of video rather it automatically downloads the quality it deems fit. Also, Torch is tad slower than Chrome.

To download Torch Click me.


Now its time for Firefox users to rejoice. Firefox has many good extensions to grab videos. The best of them is YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

This extension has every feature one can dream of. It is the crème de la crème of YouTube extensions. It has a simplistic yet charming interface. It gives the user extensive control over the quality of video he wants to download.

Download Buttonmoz1

Download Optionsmoz2

If you are eager to know if it has any demerit or not. Yes it has. For most videos the downloads are capped at 720P HD. 

To download Mozilla, Click me.

DISCLAIMER: Be sure to check if downloading digital content is legal in your region or not. Also downloading Videos from YouTube violates YouTube Terms of Service unless otherwise explicitily stated.

If you feel that some other methods should also be here, feel free to suggest them through comments.





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